Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Day, Another Week

It's been a long week... I'm really close to finishing up the performance index at my internship, so I'm really excited about that! The index has been through a number of different iterations, and I'm sincerely hoping it's the last. I got to do something I never thought I'd get to: I emailed the UN to ask them for a definition of what constitutes an "urban population." I'm waiting on them to get back to me (I have my doubts that they ever will). Basically, we're trying to get a feel for the volume of traffic to see various titles, and in order to do that we've focus on an urban population rather than the entire population for each country. We feel that the urban population is representative of movie-goers because rural dwellers have less access to theatres.

During my research, I found that each country has a different definition for what constitutes an "urban population." This caused some problems, because we needed definitions for each country. I managed to find they holy grail of urban population definitions in a UN document, but unfortunately, there were some major countries missing. I figure if the UN doesn't have definitions for these countries, they probably don't even exist.

After I'm finished with this performance index project, I will start working on 2009 financial data and creating pivot tables. Exciting!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'm going to get back to it!

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