Monday, July 26, 2010

Final Countdown Begins

So, I know I've been really not good at keeping this blog up-to-date the last month, but it's been getting more and more crazy as I'm getting ready to head abroad. I'll give you a quick recap:

I've finished up my internship. I got to work on some rad projects toward the end: brainstorming communication strategy for upcoming titles and competitive research. This is more aligned with what I want to do in the future (dream job: brand manager @ BMW). I did so much market research and analysis and don't mind the work, but did get bored with it over time. I completed my big performance analysis and worked on research regarding media mix and performance. I got to compute some correlation coefficients and finish up some presentations. These presentations were presented by my manager to execs at Fox (very exciting)! So, what did I do after finishing up the internship?

Vegas! That's right. Three days of sun and nothing... It was fantastic. Now, I'm back in LA and getting my life in order. I'm heading to London in about a week and a half for the Oxford Short Course with Professor Park (great Finance teacher). I'm really excited about that, as volcanoes ruined my last trip. Right after I finish at Oxford, I'm heading to Frankfurt to begin studying at EBS. I get to take this great course on Brand Management in the Automotive Industry (right up my alley). I think that everyone should go abroad if they have the chance. I'm saying this preemptively, but you need to know pretty early in your time at Pepperdine if you want to go abroad. We applied for partner schools within the first few weeks of being at school, so be alert if you do want to study outside the U.S. I'll update you more as my adventures begin. There's a strong contingency of Pepperdine peeps studying in Europe this year. It's going to be a blast.

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